Use of synthetic turf and its applications

Use of synthetic turf and its applications

The use of synthetic turf has increased widely overall in the world. Artificial turf was first introduced in the 1960s. CCGrass is considered the pioneer of synthetic turf. This synthetic turf is now used in balconies of houses, schools, offices, and commercial areas and sports grounds such as tennis courts, football grounds, hockey grounds, and rugby grounds.

Synthetic turfs for residential lawns:

If we glance at where the synthetic turf is used, residential areas are at the top of the order. Artificial turf is used instead of natural grass in lawns nowadays. It also requires some maintenance. But compared to natural grounds, It requires less maintenance and hard work. The people who are busy with their lifestyles and those who cannot do the hard physical work with a mower can replace their lawns with synthetic turf. This artificial turf also prevents the grounds from the growth of natural turf. So, the cost of fertilizers, gardening, and of natural seeds can be saved by using synthetic turfs.

Use of synthetic turfs in golf and other sports grounds:

Many golf players love the lush green gardens while playing golf. That’s why most of the players love to play in different clubs. It will be icing on the cake if the yard does not require any mower or any maintenance like cutting the bushes. So, synthetic turfs can be used for a golfer to practice golf skills on a lush, small green lawn. The back and front gardens of the house can be made lush green with the help of these artificial turfs.

Similarly, other sports grounds, such as hockey, football and rugby, also use synthetic turfs. These artificial turfs are used on the grounds because of their heavy and frequent use. If there is natural grass, this rich and regular use will ultimately cause a high cost to the labor force and high maintenance. Moreover, the pitches should have the exact amount of moisture and sand so the players can show their best performance. It is also needed to save the players from any injury. It is challenging to handle the growth of natural grass with some required conditions. For this purpose, synthetic turfs are best to use. CCGrass can also be contacted for artificial golf turfs and other sports-related synthetic turfs.

Use of synthetic turfs in other places:

Nurseries and schools also use synthetic turfs. Schools require green grounds for kids. But the natural grass needs effort and requires maintenance from time to time. For this purpose, nurseries and schools should use synthetic grass. Lastly, hotels, offices, event and exhibition managers also require green grass to add beauty to their environment. For this purpose, synthetic turfs can be used.