How to start a wholesale women's fashion business

How to start a wholesale women's fashion business

A growing trend in the fashion industry today is wholesaling. This is because the presence of the internet has made it easier to buy clothes which have caused an increase in demand and there are only so many wholesalers to meet this demand. The core function of any business is to make a profit and the wholesale fashion business is no different.

The space isn’t saturated and you too can make a name for yourself similar to how other successful brands have done. It may seem a bit complicated to start a wholesale fashion business, but if you get a good wholesale fashion supplier, like shewin, then it is bound to be easier for you. You also need to be knowledgeable about the industry. Some of the things you should know are listed below.

● Your Role

You should have a clear definition of what your role as a wholesaler is in the clothing chain of supply. Once you know your role, it gets easier to achieve your goals of providing bulk clothing services on a global scale. Your role as a wholesaler is to stand as an intermediary between retailers and manufacturers. Once a manufacturer has put out a new batch of clothes, they want to distribute it on a large scale and that is where you come into the picture. You are going to acquire the stock from the manufacturer and use whatever medium you have to make it available to several retailers at once. Just as a retailer buys to sell at a profit, you will be buying from a manufacturer to also sell at a profit.

Your wholesale business is multi-faceted. You have a business-to-business process, and a business-to-end-user process. The retailers are your end users, but if you have a very efficient system, the consumers can sometimes ditch the retailers and come directly to you.

● Legal Requirements

Every territory has its governing laws which you have to take into consideration before starting your wholesale fashion business. The best way to go about this is to hire a local lawyer who can reveal your legal duties to you. Some of those duties are usually taxes, wages, quality control, etc.

● The Medium

You need a way to make the bulk of your goods available to retailers and or consumers. You need an uninterrupted medium where many customers can be served at once. Your best bet? The internet. The most effective tool at your disposal in the 21st century to reach multiple customers at once is the internet. You will need an e-commerce store to process orders and handle transactions alongside shipping.

● Shipping

You need to have an integrated way to handle stock delivery to your customers. There are several shipping companies that you can check out, make a deal with to handle that for you. You, then on, only have to provide your customers with the different shipping options you have available.


A wholesale business has several parts that must be set up if you want things to run smoothly. You must at least match the competition if you are not going to best it, and this article has done the hard work of detailing what the standard is for any new wholesale fashion business.