Everything You Need to Know About Cow Manure Pellets

Everything You Need to Know About Cow Manure Pellets

The most popular pellets are wood pellets, rice husk pellets, and others, but many people don't know that manure pellets exist. The same way there are machines for making wood pellets, we also have the manure pellet mill. Of course, the manure pellet mill is used to make pellets out of dung. The dung may be cow dung or chicken dung, and as you know, animal dung is a great fertilizer for plant growth. 

Chicken manure still stands tall as the most nutritious for plants amongst other animals. Cow manure is rich in organic matter, but its nutrients aren't half as good as chicken manure. However, when you turn either the cow or chicken manure into pellets, they are great at fertilizing the plants. 

Of course, manure pellets come from the waste of animals. Now, these animal waste products have a lot of water within and will need many drying processes. However, the drying process is the only similarity between the production process of manure pellets and other pellets. After drying, it takes a different turn. 

The process to Make Chicken Manure Pellets

To make manure pellets from chicken waste, you need a granulator. There are different types of granulation you can use to process chicken manure pellets. Chicken manure pellets can be made with two methods; either wet granulation or dry granulation. Let's see these methods; 

Wet granulation method: When chicken drops waste sometimes, up to 75% of the waste is water. Now, this doesn't happen all the time. There are other times when a chicken's waste may have between 25% and 35% water content. These types of waste can be used with a granulator made explicitly for wet waste. You can always use this type of granulator for other manure granulation. 

Dry granulation method: As the name already implies, this method doesn't work well when the waste has a lot of water. Usually, it works best when the water content is less than 10%. Typically, it's almost impossible for a chicken's waste to have less than 10% water. Before you use the dry granulator method, you must first dry the cow waste. 

Process to Make Cow Manure Pellets

For cow manure pellet production, the process is similar to the chicken based on the granulation technique. However, there's a specific cow pellet machine fertilizer and specific methods to be done before you can think of making pellets. Some of the processes include; 

Cow waste composting: Before making pellets from cow waste, you have to go through the composting process. This composting process will improve the cow waste properties to improve the plant lifetime. You'll need compost materials for this process. 

Crushing: After composting the cow waste, you need to crush it into powdery form. 

Mixing and sorting: To make the cow dung richer in nutrients, you may want to maintain it with other organic substances. After mixing, you need to sort the correct powder sizes for pelleting. You can use a screening machine for this purpose. 


Manure pellets may not be popular, but they are extremely useful. Because it isn't popular, it wouldn't be readily available to people who need it. If you start a business with these pellets, you'll make profits.l